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About us
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Welcome to Thai Restaurant Bangkok. We would like to introduce you to the
versatile Thai cuisine, in which fresh ingredients and spices are central. 


Bangkok is the second Thai restaurant in Amsterdam, founded in the 1980s
by Josephine and her husband Jan. Thai cooking is a great hobby of Josephine (Jopie)
and was spoon-fed to her. The first Thai restaurant 'Roeng Warie' was
from Josephine her mother and located on the Rokin.

Josephine’s father brought at that time the Thai food on his scooter from toko Thailand in the van Speijkstraat.

Nowadays the next generation is in charge en continues the tradition.

Our cook Poosaithong (Poo) has been in charge of our kitchen for many years.
Her kitchen team consists of relatives from Thailand who are trained by Poo

to make the famous fried rice, fried shrimp
with garlic & white pepper (no. 31), fried chicken with cashew nuts (no. 94) and fried
fish fillet in tamarind sauce (no. 68). We get fresh spices weekly  
delivered from Thailand and daily fresh vegetables, fish and meat. 

More than 40 different peoples live in Thailand. It is therefore not surprising
that Thai cuisine is very diverse and uses a wide variety of
ingredients. Our yellow curry is the mildest with its sweet-hot taste, followed by the
red and green curry. These are both equally spicy, but the green curry stands out
in terms of taste due to stronger herbs and the addition of fresh Thai basil,
making the taste more complex and can be experienced as even spicier.

Try a Thai salad as a side dish or as an appetizer, for example the Yam
Gai Douw (no. 21), fried egg with red onion, shallots, coriander and lime juice. A  
Another alternative is the Salad Kai, a chicken salad with pineapple, cucumber, red onion,  
tomato & our homemade creamy dressing (no. 15). 

Can't make a choice? Experience different dishes in one of our
rice table menus and feel free to ask us for advice when making your choice.

Enjoy your dinner!

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